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OneWay Cab

Travel Your Way - Best One - Way Cabs Rental In India

India's mass transit is overcrowded and uncomfortable for many travellers. If you want to travel comfortably from one location to the other, online rental car booking is a perfect idea. You can make a reservation for a rental car online and plan your trip around your schedule. The cab will come to your house and drop you off at your desired location.

Round Trip Cab

Book Reliable & Safe Outstation Cabs At Best Price

Most Indian tourists prefer to travel by road to their desired destination. A trip enables you to take in the scenery at your own pace. Furthermore, the convenience of travelling in a car with your friends and family is unrivalled. You can book a cab online to make your journey more convenient.

Local Rental Cabs

Explore The City IN Our Comfort With Our Local Rental Cabs

Is your car on its services? How do you manage to go to the office and do other stuff too? So, if you are bothered by these questions, we have a solution for you. The solution is Ocean Cab local Taxi Service. Ocean Cab offers its customers the best local Taxi Service at very reasonable prices. We have our trustworthy and experienced drivers who will take you to your location on time with full safety.

Airport Cab

Hassle-Free Airport Taxi Service At Surprisingly Low Price

If you've already stepped off a flight, exhausted and aching from a long flight, there's no better remedy than a Ocean Cab Local Airport Transfer service. Ocean Cab offers a service that will take you straight from the airport to your destination. Our experienced drivers will transport you wherever you want to go. They've been hand-picked and are local specialists,

Events duty

Events duty

Booking request event - this event is triggered when a customer requests a ride. The duty of this event could be to validate the pickup and destination address, check the availability of nearby cabs, and generate a ride quote. Cab allocation event - this event is triggered when a cab is assigned to a customer's booking request. The duty of this event could be to notify the customer and the cab driver of the allocation, and update the cab's availability status in the system. Ride start event - this event is triggered when the customer gets into the cab. The duty of this event could be to start the timer for calculating the ride fare, update the cab's status to "in-ride", and send notifications to the customer and the cab driver.

Corporate booking

Corporate booking refers to the process of booking transportation services for a company or organization. This typically involves arranging transportation for employees or clients, often for business-related travel.

Account management - the ability to create and manage accounts for multiple employees or clients, and assign specific booking privileges and restrictions. Centralized billing - the ability to consolidate all transportation expenses and generate invoices for the company, instead of individual employees paying for their own rides. Customizable policies - the ability to set policies and guidelines for employees, such as maximum travel costs, preferred transportation options, and travel approval processes. Real-time reporting and analytics - the ability to track employee travel expenses and usage patterns, and generate reports for budget and cost management purposes.